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Binance Hashflow (HFT) Quiz Answers

Binance, a leading crypto platform, is known for providing its users with exciting and educational opportunities to learn about the crypto industry.

From time to time, the platform offers various crypto-related courses and activities, each with its own set of rewards.

These courses and activities not only help users expand their knowledge of the crypto world, but also provide a chance to earn some sweet rewards in the form of crypto tokens.

Binance has just announced a new quiz event containing Solana (SOL), HOOK, and HFT which started on the 30th of January.

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Digital Assets Principal Reward Duration Standard Annualized Interest Rate
SOL 0.05 SOL 150 Days 10%
HOOK 0.6 HOOK 150 Days 10%
HFT 2 HFT 150 Days 10%

In this article, we’ll be focusing on the Binance Hashflow (SOL) quiz, but you can easily access information about HOOK and Solana by clicking on the respective coin names.

What is HFT?

Hashflow, or High-Frequency Trading (HFT), is a new platform for trading digital assets like cryptocurrencies. It offers a secure, fast, and efficient way to trade without the need for intermediaries like brokers or exchanges. With Hashflow, you can trade directly with other users, ensuring privacy and security.

Binance Hashflow Quiz Answers

All you have to do is answer 10 simple questions related to the crypto and wait for the event to end. Once the event ends, all eligible users will receive their free rewards.

The duration of the Binance Hashflow quiz event is 150 days.

You can access the Binance Hooked Protocol Quiz on the Binance Learn & Earn page.

Please note that the rewards from this event are only available to users who have not previously subscribed to Simple Earn Locked Products.

These rewards come in the form of staked tokens, where Binance will delegate a specific amount of tokens to a staking pool.

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Q 1. Which exchange was the first to list the Hashflow token (HFT)?

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: Binance

Q 2. How much does Hashflow charge in fees?

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: 0%

Q 3. What makes Hashflow different from other DEXs?

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: Hashflow uses the RFQ model for market making.

Q 4. What is HFT’s utility?

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: Governance and in-DAO Health & Rewards.

Q 5. What is unique about trading on Hashflow?

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: All are correct

Q 6. How does one start trading on Hashflow?

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: Connect your wallet.

Q 7. What is The Hashverse?

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: Hashflow’s story-driven and gamified governance DAO.

Q 8. What is Hashflow’s total volume?

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: $11 billion

Binance Hashflow Quiz Answers in Video

If you prefer a visual format over reading an article, you can also check out the YouTube video below, which provides the same quiz answers in a video format.

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