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Binance Solana (SOL) Quiz Answers – Learn & Earn Crypto

Binance, a leading crypto platform, is known for providing its users with exciting and educational opportunities to learn about the crypto industry.

From time to time, the platform offers various crypto-related courses and activities, each with its own set of rewards.

These courses and activities not only help users expand their knowledge of the crypto world, but also provide a chance to earn some sweet rewards in the form of crypto tokens.

Binance has just announced a new quiz event containing Solana (SOL), HOOK, and HFT which started on the 30th of January.

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Digital Assets Principal Reward Duration Standard Annualized Interest Rate
SOL 0.05 SOL 150 Days 10%
HOOK 0.6 HOOK 150 Days 10%
HFT 2 HFT 150 Days 10%

In this article, we’ll be focusing on the Binance Solana (SOL) quiz, but you can easily access information about HOOK and HFT by clicking on the respective coin names.

What is Solana?

Solana is a revolutionary blockchain network that offers lightning-fast transactions, secure data storage, and the seamless transfer of funds.

At the heart of Solana’s ecosystem is SOL, a digital currency that provides users with an efficient and cost-effective way to pay transaction fees.

Binance Solana Quiz Answers

All you have to do is answer 10 simple questions related to the crypto and wait for the event to end. Once the event ends, all eligible users will receive their free rewards.

The duration of the Binance Solana quiz event is 150 days.

You can access the Binance Hooked Protocol Quiz on the Binance Learn & Earn page.

Please note that the rewards from this event are only available to users who have not previously subscribed to Simple Earn Locked Products.

These rewards come in the form of staked tokens, where Binance will delegate a specific amount of tokens to a staking pool.

At GetQuizAnswers, we are committed to providing you with the most accurate and up-to-date answers to help you succeed on your quizzes. If you find any outdated or incorrect answers, let us know in the comment section or contact us and we’ll fix them as soon as possible.

Q 1. Which of these is not one of the technical design features that allow Solana to process transactions at a higher rate?

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: Proof-of-work

Q 2. As of September 2022, what is the energy impact of a single Solana transaction on average?

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: Less than a Google search (~500 J).

Q 3. What can you use SOL for?

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: All are correct

Q 4. What is the average Solana transaction fee?

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: $0.00025

Q 5. What is Saga?

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: A crypto-friendly mobile phone that uses the Solana Mobile Stack.

Q 6. How quickly does it take the Solana Pay protocol to process a transaction globally?

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: A few seconds

Q 7. Firedancer, a new Solana validator client being developed by Jump Crypto, can process how many TPS in a test environment?

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: 1,200,000

Q 8. Solana uses mining to secure its network.

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: False

Q 9. As of December 2022, how many NFTs have been minted using Solana?

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: 22,700,000

Q 10. Which of the following established companies support or have integrated Solana?

Correct Quiz Answer Arrow Point   Correct Answer: All are correct

Binance Solana Quiz Answers in Video

If you prefer a visual format over reading an article, you can also check out the YouTube video below, which provides the same quiz answers in a video format.

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