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Do you want 100% correct Daily Crossword Puzzle Quiz Answers? If Yes, then you have come to the right place. You can complete your quiz and get the reward with 100% Validity. Daily Crossword Puzzle Quiz will hold a total of 25 questions. Quiz Facts offers this quiz where players attempt to solve the questions to get their rewards.

The main aim of these brainteasers is to gauge your knowledge retention and your IQ. If you have a higher IQ, it means you can easily absorb new information and comprehend fast. The Daily Crossword Puzzle quiz is designed to assess your ability to understand and retain information.

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Q 1. Let’s start easy! Black and white bear-like animal, native to China. Two letters have been done for you already. Scroll down and fill in the WHOLE 5-Letter word.



Correct Answer: Panda

Q 2. Do you know the capital of Greece? Two letters have been filled out for you. Write the WHOLE word below!



Correct Answer: Athens

Q 3. Ohh, a picture clue for you! What breed of dog is this? Fill in the word below!


Correct Answer: Husky

Q 4. Which sport are we looking for here?


Correct Answer: Hockey

Q 5. Famous US landmark starting with “Mount”. Type it in!


Correct Answer: Rushmore

Q 6. A sports venue.


Correct Answer: Arena

Q 7. A type of monkey! Surely you know this one. Write it in below!


Correct Answer: Chimpanzee

Q 8. An opera solo is a what?


Correct Answer: Aria

Q Alt 8. Tiny particles of matter on the ground or carried in the air.


Correct Answer: Dust

Q 9. American actor, last name “Phoenix”.


Correct Answer: River

Q 10. What could this be? And how do you spell it?


Correct Answer: edamame

Q 11. High School Musical set in the 1950s.


Correct Answer: Grease

Q Alt 11. In a foreign country.


Correct Answer: Abroad

Q 12. A type of cheese! Write the WHOLE word below!


Correct Answer: Bree

Q Alt 12. A group of binary digits or bits.


Correct Answer: Byte

Q 13. Polynesian Dance


Correct Answer: Hula

Q Alt 13. Optical phenomenon.


Correct Answer: Halo

Q 14. The Arctic is the smallest what?


Correct Answer: OCEAN

Q Alt 14. A part of a wall at the end of a ridged roof.


Correct Answer: Gable

Q 15. French classical composer, first name “Claude”


Correct Answer: Debussy

Q 9. The movie starring Al Pacino!


Correct Answer: Scarface

Q Alt 9. A space on a ship used for storing sails.


Correct Answer: Sailroom

Q Alt 9-2. A large island in the Mediterranean sea.


Correct Answer: Sardinia

Q Alt 9-3. When something is cynical or mocking?


Correct Answer: Sardonic

Q 16. What type of food are we looking at here?


Correct Answer: Samosa

Q 17. Synonym of frighten:


Correct Answer: Startle

Q Alt 17. A place of study in a special field:


Correct Answer: Academy

Q 19. A protein-rich seed.


Correct Answer: Quinoa

Q Alt 19. A hard mineral found in igneous and metamorphic rocks.


Correct Answer: Quartz

Q Alt 19-2. Animal native to Australia: marsupial, nocturnal and herbivorous.


Correct Answer: Quokka

Q Alt 19-3. Animal native to Australia:a muscular, short legged marsupial.


Correct Answer: Wombat

Q Alt 19-4. Medium, Spotted wild cat.


Correct Answer: Ocelot

Q Alt 19-5. The process of releasing strong emotions. Scroll down and fill it in!


Correct Answer: Catharsis

Q Alt 19-6. To act according to someone’s wish.


Correct Answer: Comply

Q Alt 19-7. A city on the coast of Croatia with origins in the 9th-century BC.


Correct Answer: Zadar

Q Alt 19-8. To be surprised or confused.


Correct Answer: Nonplussed

Q 20. A device for stimulating the heart muscle.


Correct Answer: Pacemaker

Q Alt 20. In agreement or in harmony.


Correct Answer: Congruent

Q Alt 20-2. A very large rodent.


Correct Answer: Capybara

Q Alt 20-3. Disgusting, Repugnant


Correct Answer: Abhorrent

Q Alt 20-4. One of the smallest lexical items in a language.


Correct Answer: Morpheme

Q Alt 20-5. A type of shape!


Correct Answer: Rhombus

Q Alt 20-6. To be imaginative or artistic.


Correct Answer: Exuberant

Q Alt 20-7. To be full of energy and enthusiasm is to be _______ !


Correct Answer: Exuberant

Q Alt 20-8. A type of lizard.


Correct Answer: Chameleon

Daily Crossword Puzzle Quiz 

Quiz Knowledge tests or IQ tests have always been a significant factor in hiring and promotions. Hence, it is no surprise that companies are using these quizzes to evaluate their applicants. These IQ tests give an insight into a candidate’s ability and power. It also estimates how fast they can assimilate new concepts into their working style. Thus, it is crucial to increase the power of your mind. Therefore, by taking proper measures and proper guidance, you can improve your power and intelligence quotient (IQ) by using these quizzes. Daily Crossword Puzzle Quiz Answers and Questions is a great quiz to increase IQ.

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The Daily Crossword Puzzle quiz has become very popular. It is one of those quizzes that can help you increase your overall general knowledge. You will be asked some questions about the quiz, and you will be assessed on your understanding.

Many players score less than 100 percent. That’s why we are here to help you achieve 100% on the Daily Crossword Puzzle quiz. Play the quiz to have fun, and you’ll get a score of 100% with our help.

Note: Our team regularly updates Daily Crossword Puzzle quiz questions and answers. You will find new questions and their answers on the same quiz post. You can let us know if you have any questions not covered in this article by commenting or using our contact form. We will answer your queries as soon as possible.

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