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Quick Video Quiz Answers (100% Score)

Do you want 100% correct Quick Video Quiz Answers? If Yes, then you have come to the right place. You can complete your quiz and get the reward with 100% Validity. Quick Video Quiz will hold a total of Quick Videos. VideoFacts offers this quiz where players attempt to solve the questions to get their rewards.

Our team at GetQuizAnswers regularly update quiz questions and their answers. If you found an outdated or wrong answer, let us know via comment or contact us. We will answer your query as soon as possible.

Q1: Which of these animals is the fastest?

Quick Video Quiz Answers (100% Score)

Correct Answer: A

Q1-Alt1: Which of these animals is most closely related to Tyrannosaurus rex?

Correct Answer: B

Q1-Alt2: Which of these are the fastest animals?


  • Orca
  • Cheetah
  • Ostrich
  • Pronghorn

Correct Answer: Cheetah

Q2: Where was tea first cultivated?

Quick Video Quiz Answers (100% Score)

Correct Answer: 

Q2-Alt1: Which volcano destroyed the ancient Roman town of Herculaneum?

Quick Video Quiz Answers (100% Score)

Correct Answer: C

Q2-Alt2: Which country borders the fewest nations?

Correct Answer: 

Q2-Alt3: Which country borders the most nations?

Correct Answer: C

Q3: Where would you find these two items?

Quick Video Quiz Answers (100% Score)

Correct Answer: C

Q3 Alt1: Where would you find these two items? Bisaigue and Twybil

Correct Answer: C – In a Tool Shed

Q3 Alt2: Given a big enough bath tub, which one of these would float?

Correct Answer: B – Saturn

Q3-Alt3: Who invented these two words? Ribaudred and

Correct Answer: A – William Shakespeare 

Q3-Alt4: Who invented these two words? Frood and

Correct Answer: D – Douglas Adam

Q3-Alt5: Who invented these two words? Biffsquiggled and

Correct Answer: B – Roald Dahl

Q3-Alt6: Who invented these two words? Vorpal and

Correct Answer: C – Levvis Carroll

Q4: Which of these have the highest volume?

Correct Answer: B – 1 kg of Iron (If Aluminium is not in 4th place)

Otherwise: D – 1 kg of Aluminium (If Aluminium is in 4th place)

Q4-Alt1: Which of these has the lowest volume?

Correct Answer: C – 1 kg of Gold

Q4-Alt2: Which of these has travelled the farthest?

Correct Answer: C – Voyager 1 Space Probe

Q4-Alt3: Which of these is the fastest man-made object?

Correct Answer: D – Parker Solar Probe

Q5: How many small cubes must add to complete the outlined big cube?

Correct Answer: D

Q5 Alt1: Which number comes next in this sequence? 76, 80, 88, 95, 100, 101, ?

Correct Answer: B

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The main aim of these brainteasers is to gauge your knowledge retention and your IQ. If you have a higher IQ, it means you can easily absorb new information and comprehend it fast. The Quick Video quiz is designed to assess your ability to understand and retain information.

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Quick Video Quiz 

Quiz Knowledge tests or IQ tests have always been a significant factor in hiring and promotions. Hence, it is no surprise that companies are using these quizzes to evaluate their applicants. These IQ tests give an insight into a candidate’s ability and power. It also estimates how fast they can assimilate new concepts into their working style. Thus, it is crucial to increase the power of your mind. Therefore, by taking proper measures and proper guidance, you can improve your power and intelligence quotient (IQ) by using these quizzes. Quick Video Quiz Answers and Questions is a great quiz to increase IQ.

Many players score less than 100 percent. That’s why we are here to help you achieve 100% on the Quick Video quiz. Play the quiz to have fun, and you’ll get a score of 100% with our help.

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